mediatek logoMediaTek Wireless Lan drivers v. WHQL. - The new package of drivers for network adapters WiFi based on MediaTek chipset. Drivers and software are intended for stable operation of the network WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n under operating systems Windows 7/8/10/11 at 32 or 64 bits.

mediatek mt7927Info about the driver:
Name: MediaTek  Wireless Lan drivers
DriverVer = 10/25/2023,
OS: Windows 10/11 (32/64 bits)
MediaTek chipsets are supported: MT6639, MT7927, RZ717, MT7925
Supported Devices: (the unit)
"Ralink 802.11n Wireless LAN Card"
"Foxconn Wi-Fi BGN CPWL802P"
"Foxconn Wi-Fi CPWL812P BG"
"Foxconn Wi-Fi BGN CPWL801P"
"Foxconn Wi-Fi BGN CPWL821P"
"Wireless LAN Foxconn CPWB102P-RT3090L"
"Ralink 802.11n Wireless LAN Card"
"802.11n Wireless PCI Express Card LAN Adapter"
"Ralink 802.11n Wireless LAN Card"
"802.11N Wireless CardBus Adapter"
"802.11N Wireless Express Card Adapter"
"RT2790/2720 Ralink 802.11b/g/n WLAN mini-PCIE Network"
"ASUS 802.11n Wireless LAN Card"
"802.11n Wireless LAN Card"
"Wireless LAN Card"
"802.11n Wireless LAN Card"
"802.11n Wireless PC Card"
"802.11n Wireless miniPCI Adapter"
"802.11n Wireless PCI Adapter"
"Conceptronic 300Mbps 11n PC-Express Card"
"Conceptronic 300Mbps 11n PCI-Express Card"
"802.11b/g/n PCI Wireless LAN Card"
"Logitec LAN-WN23/CB Wireless LAN Adapter"
"Logitec LAN-WN23/EC Wireless LAN Adapter"
"I-O DATA WN-GDN/CB3 Wireless LAN Adapter"
"I-O DATA WHG-AGDN/CB Wireless LAN Adapter"
"IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless Network Adapter"
"Wireless 11n PCI card"
"Wireless 11n PCI card"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -2760"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -2790"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card AWM55N-M"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -2890"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card AWM56N-X"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -3091"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -3092"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -3062"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -3592"
"Allwin Wireless LAN Card -3562"
"Ralink RT3090 BGN Wireless LAN Card"
"LG-Ericsson PCI-1020 Wireless 802.11n PCI Adapter"

Supported controllers (VEN & DEV):
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_0601
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_0681
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_0701
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_0781
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3090
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3091
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3092
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_5390
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_5392
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_5362
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_5360
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_539F
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3592
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3593
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3060
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3062
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3562
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3290
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_0781 & SUBSYS_68901462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_0781 & SUBSYS_890A1462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3090 & SUBSYS_68911462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3090 & SUBSYS_891A1462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3091 & SUBSYS_68921462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3090 & SUBSYS_38721462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3090 & SUBSYS_872A1462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3090 & SUBSYS_891B1462
PCI \ VEN_1814 & DEV_3090 & SUBSYS_872B1462

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MediaTek Wireless Lan drivers v. WHQL