Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad Version Lenovo

Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad Version Lenovo. - The Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad (FSP) is a pointing device used in electronic mechanisms like notebook, when the cursor control is in demand. To move the cursor, the user can just lightly slide on the device sensing area above where FSP is mounted.

The core technology of the pad module is a capacitive-based controller IC. When a finger is moving on the pad surface, the IC will begin to monitor the finger activities and send that information to the host system to map screen cursor movements. With capacitive multi-touch technology, track and reaction of trace and gesture recognition, which means detection record and differentiation between single and multi-touch behaviors, can be done. As a result, touch products with multi-function can be provided.

;%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, *PNP0F13,*PNP0F0B,*PNP0F03,*PNP0F0E
; Old Normal Pad Without Page Slider.
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC000
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC001
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC002
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC003
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC010
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC011
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC012
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC013
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC020
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC021
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC022
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC023
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC030
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC031
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC032
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC033
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC040
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC041
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC042
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC043
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC050
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC051
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC052
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC053
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC060
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC061
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC062
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC063
; Old Normal Pad With Page Slider.
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC100
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC101
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC102
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC103
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC110
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC111
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC112
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC113
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC120
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC121
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC122
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC123
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC130
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC131
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC132
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC133
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC140
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC141
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC142
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC143
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC150
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC151
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC152
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC153
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC160
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC161
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC162
%STL.DeviceDesc%    = fspad, ACPI\STLC163

Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad Version Lenovo

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