Elan TouchPad Drivers, Version LG

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Elan TouchPad Drivers, Version LG. - Drivers for notebook touchpads from the company LG. Drivers provide a touch panel operation in the operating systems   Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 at 32 and 64 bits.

Info about the driver:
Name: Elan TouchPad Driver
Driver Version: 09/18/2017,
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 at 32 or 64 bits
Supported devices:
;%PS2DeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *PNP0F13,*PNP0F0E,*PNP0F03,*PNP0F12,*PNP0F0B ; Hardware ID
%PS2DeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, ACPI\ETD0000
%PS2DeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *ETD0000
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, ACPI\ETD0001
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *ETD0001 ; ELAN TouchPad
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, ACPI\ETD0E00
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *ETD0E00 ; LG (Compal)
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, ACPI\ETD0E01
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *ETD0E01 ; LG (Original)
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, ACPI\ETD0E02
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *ETD0E02 ; LG (Image Sensor)
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, ACPI\ETD0E03
%ELANDeviceDesc% = ETD_STD_Inst, *ETD0E03 ; LG LG(ClickPad)

Elan TouchPad Drivers, Version LG

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