C-Media USB Audio Class 1.0/2.0 UAA Driver Version

C-Media USB Audio Class 1.0/2.0 UAA Driver Version - Packet drivers for your USB sound card from the company C-Media Electronics based chips. Drivers support the operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 under 32 or 64 bits.

Cmedia is the worldwide leader in providing USB audio peripheral applications such as USB headsets, handsets, microphones, speakers, and sound stations. With the convenience of USB plug-and-play compatibility, customers can rapidly create ease-of-use, high-quality, and portable USB audio products based on Cmedia’s highly integrated single chip solutions. To easily differentiate your products and add more value, we also provide the optional Cmedia Xear™ Windows drivers, which support a complete range of premium features including Dolby and DTS sound technologies. Empowered with mixed-signal audio codec, signal processing expertise, software development experience, and widespread quality branding recognition, Cmedia supplies versatile choices of USB1.1 (USB2.0 full-speed compatible) audio solutions to compliment whichever type of device you want to design.

Supported USB Audio Chip: CM102A+/S+, CM108AH, CM6120S/L, CM6120XL, CM6206, CM6206-LX, CM6300, CM6302, CM6307A, CM6317A, CM6327A, CM6400X1, CM6500B, CM6502B, CM6510B, CM6523B, CM6571.

C-Media USB Audio Class 1.0/2.0 UAA Driver Version

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