C-Media Electronics CMI8768 Driver Version 2.05

C-Media Electronics CMI8768 Driver Version 2.05. - CMI8768 is the first high performance (SNR~100dB) 8CH PCI integrated sound chip compatible with PCI V.2.2 specification in the world. Supported OS: Windows 8 - /32/64 bit.


With 24bit/96K digital/analog playback capability and versatile driver support, CMI8768 is designed delicately for advanced consumer PC sound card/media center/mainboard/desktop/embedded system/server audio applications. Through integrating a full-duplex 8/2 CODEC and S/PDIF transmitter/receiver, CMI8768 consequently saves much BOM cost for customers. CMI8768, bundled with C-Media friendly and high add-on value driver,
provides the most economic and ideal audio solution with the best value-price ratio. Integrated S/PDIF transmitter can deliver 24bit/96K high-definition 5.1 Dolby®Digital/DTS®, or 6.1/7.1 Dolby®
Digital Surround EX/DTS ES DVD soundtracks and audio stream to external receiver satisfying audio enthusiasts and pioneers. The S/PDIF-Out data can meet the requirement of SCMS (Serial Copy ManagementSystem) for digital content serial copy protection legislated by consumer audio industry. CMI8768 also supports MPU-401 MIDI port for external musical instrumentinput.

C-Media Electronics CMI8768 Driver Version 2.05

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