Alcor Micro PCIE Card Reader Drivers Version

Alcor Micro PCIE Card Reader Drivers Version - New package of drivers for  Card Reader from the company Alcor Micro. Driver for the card reader is designed for operating systems Windows XP,  Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 at 32 or 64 bits.

Supported chip: AU6601, AU6621, AU6625

Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"
DriverVer = 10/12/2017, - 32/64 bit
DriverVer = 03/30/2018, - 64 bit


Supported cr:

"Alcor Micro USB 3.0 Card Reader"
"Alcor Micro USB 2.0 Card Reader"

Support controllers:

PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_8349103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_834A103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_834B103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_834C103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_838D103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_838E103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_83A7103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_83A8103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_83A9103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_83AA103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_83AB103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'
PCI\VEN_1AEA&DEV_6625&SUBSYS_83AC103C='Alcorlink PCIE Card Reader'

; For XP and later
%AMPCIECR_GEN% = DriverInstall_Gen, PCI\VEN_105B&DEV_0EF6&CC_FF00
%AMPCIECR_GEN% = DriverInstall_Gen, PCI\VEN_105B&DEV_0EF7&CC_FF00

Alcor Micro PCIE Card Reader Drivers Version 32/64 bit all Win OS

Alcor Micro PCIE Card Reader Drivers Version - only 64 bit

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